Self-Love Day In Partnership with Hanac Astoria Cornerstone

  • December 22nd, 2018
  • Astoria

As apart of our community event services, we have partnered with HANAC Astoria to host from princess to queen: a self- love day.
From Princess To Queen is an event that celebrates self- love and positivity among young women.

 NOTE:  Some of proceeds from this event is to help HANAC Astoria Cornerstone with resources for their youth programs 


This event is currently sold out, however you can still sponsor a book for a child for our gift bags

Help us give away FREE copies of Innovative Thoughts by Khyrie Alleyne. A book of inspirational poetry, motivational quotes and a self-enhancement journal offering a positive light-filled way of life.

Books are only $15 when using the promo code: #selfloveday . Click the link below to make your purchase

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