Volunteers and interns play important  roles within our team. If your looking to develop your dreams, expand your brand, or gain more experience in your field this is a platform  for you. 

We are currently seeking the following  positions below. If you have majored in any of theses fields and would like to gain experience, please fill out the application below. Someone will get back to you with more details about the positions. We look forward to having you

  1. Videographers  ( paid position) 
  2. Photographers ( paid position) 
  3. Hosts ( volunteer position for events only) 
  4. Workshop Facilitators ( youth educators and teachers)
  5. Security Guards ( paid position) 
  6.  Youth Ambassadors ( volunteer position, on going) 
  7. From Princess To Queen: Self Day  2019 Volunteers  ( Teachers, Social Workers, youth educators, psychology  majors, mentors , parents and any who just want to help ) 


NOTE: Once you fill out the application below you will receive a short job description and a phone interview. Positions will be available as we host events 













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